An appeal

Ladies and Gentlemen

In November 2009, Grzegorz Axentowicz approached us with the idea of endowing our school with a fund for a scholarship for pupils attending the school. After his tragic death in December 2009, the main donors of this fund are Marek Axentowicz, and his daughters Ola and Ewa.

To all who wish to support this fund - graduates, parents and friends of our school - we are appealing for further contributions. These can be one-off or a regular commitment of payments for a certain period. In the latter case, the donor is asked to let us know what amount will be committed and for how long it will be paid.

Your contributions will be collected in a special account. The decision to award this scholarship is taken by the Scholarship Committee, which is a statutory body of the school. Donors may have an influence on the awarding procedure, including the initiative to create a Scholarship Board. The only distinctive feature of this scholarship - according to the will of Grzegorz Axentowicz, its patron - is that it should be a social benefit and not a recognition of scientific achievement.

Please provide donations on the following account:

Account Number IBAN: PL 61 9291 0001 0086 6938 2000 0010


Please add to the transfer's description the following comment: Stypendium im. Grzegorza Axentowicza

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.